3 different test tube gift packs, 3 blend styles, 3 perfect sampling collections!

Choose between 3 bespoke test tube gift packs containing our best-selling tea blends, herbal blends, and fruit blends! In addition, you will receive a complimentary Stainless Steel Bucket Tea Infuser (valued at $9 AUD) and a complimentary Pacific Tea cotton gift bag.


TEA BLENDS: Island Breakfast, Local Hideaway, Savo Mango Marley, Mrs. Grey, and Chai Tides.

HERBAL BLENDS: Vanilla Island, Got Lei'd, Refresh And Zest, Chill With Me, Isla De Coco and Pacific Dreams.

FRUIT BLENDS: You Me & Hawaii, Sunset Warrior, In Love With The Coco, Golden West, Haus of Tropics and Hula Blossoms.

Alternatively, should you wish to purchase test tubes blends individually, please visit our individual blend product pages. All Pacific Tea Test Tubes are made from premium borosilicate glass and hold 3-4 servings each.



Local Hideaway: Take me back to the summer of enveloping coconut trees on roads less travelled. Lingering notes of coconut, carob, liquorice and vanilla remind of days better spent.

Isla De Coco: Live life a little less ordinary with a grounding melody of coco-cocoa, vanilla perfection. This caffeine-free herbal blend entices with 'natural-sugar, spice and everything nice'.

Island Breakfast: A breakfast favourite with an island, cocoa twist. This delectable black tea also features a warming infusion of barley malt, carob, chicory and vanilla. 

Savo: Dreamy sensations of cocoa husks, coconut, carob and vanilla, reminiscent of the earthy, bold and rich volcanic scenery of Savo Island in the Solomon Islands.

Rise And Spice: Rise and spice my island lovers! Here's your morning injection of citrus and ginger, sprinkles of coconut and currants, adorned with a lei of marigold petals.

Mango Marley: No marley, no cry.... A tribute green tea to the iconic Marley movement, married with notes of mango, sweet spearmint and liquorice-magnificence.

You Me & Hawaii: A heavenly, fruity blessing of mango, pineapple and watermelon, adorned with a lei of sunflower petals and Aloha-Hawaiian spirit.

Sunset Warrior: Mmm… Sunset sailing across the pacific on a local canoe… An organic, candied mocktail of hibiscus, strawberry, rosehip and banana to dominate the iced tea game like a true warrior.           

Tamure Nights: Setting hearts on fire with this Tamure dance of passion. A red, berry tea sure to ignite the senses with tangy notes of raspberry, rosehip, hibiscus and blackberry leaves.

Golden West: Inspired by a golden afternoon in the Solomon western province, the low-acid blend of pear, coconut and ginger, tops any day with notes of pineapple, marigold and hibiscus.

Chill With Me: This ravishing, peppermint breeze could simmer even the most passionate of summer flings. Perfectly brewed hot or iced, notes of lemon grass, lemon myrtle and hibiscus offer an exotic consolation.

In Love With The Coco: The essence of the islands. A smooth, warming harmony of coconut, pineapple and banana to whisk even the most discerning wanderlust traveller away...

Mrs. Grey: Enjoy our island take on a classic favourite - a warming infusion of coconut flakes and Ceylonese black tea, coupled with gentle florals and bright citrus tones of bergamot.

Chai Tides: Allow the delicate tides of our green herbal chai, activate the mind, replenish the body and enrich your soul. A blend of ginger, cinnamon and clove, perfectly balanced with fennel, liquorice and rosehip.

Pacific Dreams: Wishing y'all sweet, pacific dreams with our rejuvenating blend of lemon balm, chamomile and fennel, balanced with fruity notes of pineapple and orange peel. Allow your nervous energy to subside for a deeper, rested sleep.

Hula Blossoms: It's time to get the Hawaiian Luau started with fruity notes of apple, raspberry and citrus. Topped with a blossom of lemon myrtle and safflower, hula away with an invigorated spirit. 

Got Lei’d: Take the edge off and get lei'd with our floral bouquet of rosehip, raspberry leaves, rose and lavender. This caffeine free blend is ripened to strengthen immunity, boost digestion and relieve stress.                                                        

Haus Of Tropics: Dance those happy feet away to feel good vibes in the haus of tropics. A tropical tango of pineapple, mango and orange, topped with floral notes of hibiscus and marigold.

Refresh And Zest: Spice up your life with a detoxifying infusion of ginger, liquorice and zesty lemongrass, surrender your body woes to this refreshing herbal blend, designed to harmoniously cleanse and stimulate.

Vanilla Island: For glowing skin and soothing upset tummies, soak up this antioxidant rich, anti-ageing earthy rooibos blend. Naturally caffeine free, it's also blended with the finest madagascan bourbon vanilla. 

Ring Of Fire: A rich energising blend of South African rooibos and spice. Savour familiar notes of mulled wine with grounding cinnamon, cardamom, pink pepper and clove, balanced with a hint of of orange peel.